You Can’t Ride a Yak

    Sarah Reardon


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    By Sarah Reardon | ISBN 9780645103137

    “Mum, just go!” I wasn’t interested, but when my daughter said those three words, something in my heart changed. Since then, I have been on an eight-year journey, looking for yaks and finding the call of God in Nepal. I never thought I fit the missionary profile. There were always so many reasons why not. But in Nepali they ask, kina nahunu? Why not?

    When people ask me, “Why Nepal?” I answer, “Why not?”

    From my tropical home in Cairns, Australia to the freezing trekking trails of Everest, the peaceful rural villages of the Terai and the pumping tourist streets of Kathmandu, I found myself falling in love with Nepal and her people.

    You Can’t Ride a Yak tells the fascinating story of how adventure travel, faith and a determination to find and follow your purpose launched a charity called Wise Woman Project. It also shows how you never really know unless you go. I did.

    If you have ever asked God to ‘send you’, He can and He will. Just go.

    About the author
    Sarah Reardon has spent most of her life in Cairns, Australia, where she and her husband Danny, an aircraft engineer, raised their three children. Since her youth she has loved creating and leading new ideas and projects, often moving from one sector of work and ministry to another – all with the belief that God is leading the way. She has a Bachelor of English Literature and Theatre, and a Post Graduate Certificate in International and Community Development. Sarah is a regular speaker for several organizations and passionately shares her faith through whatever context she finds herself. She currently works for a Homelessness Crisis Service and goes hiking as much as she can. In 2016 she founded Wise Woman Project, an Australian charity investing in women nationally and internationally. Today, she continues loving Nepal from both near and afar.

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