Ya’acov’s Well

    Nina Peck


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    By Nina Peck

    ISBN |9780648173458

    The year is 1 AD.

    The setting is Samaria, in the Roman province of Judaea. 

    Mara bat Malâikhiy is the beautiful youngest daughter in a poor family, seeking her place in a world where she has always been the underdog. When Yelsaventa, a rich girl from a Romanised family, takes Mara under her wing, she thinks this is the beginning of her future. But little by little, Mara watches her life fall apart before her very eyes. 

    How can she ever regain what has been lost? 

    Will a chance meeting beside her ancestor’s well change everything?

    Nina Peck has been telling stories all her life through the written word and the performing arts. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Logan, and lives in the beautiful Manawatu, New Zealand. Together, they run The Genesis Revolution, an organisation dedicated to the telling of the stories of eternity.

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