Women. Thinking. Biblically.

    Kylie Moody


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    By Kylie Moody | ISBN 9780648991250

    Can the Bible be a woman’s practical, thinking, living reference point within this cultural context?

    Written within the context of progressive culture, where a woman’s identity and influence are now front and centre, the chapters address culturally relevant answers as found within the Biblical text. They wrestle with the need for women to know the Bible in a time where cultural mooring posts seem to be constantly shifting, and absolutes are all but shafted.

    Is Biblical literacy important for Christian women?

    More than ever.

    Women. Thinking. Biblically. was written to be a working text, pointing the reader to the most relevant Book in the world to date, God’s Word. May it lead you there for the answers and encouragement you need today.

    “There have been many books written for women, about women. This is not just another one of these books. With a writing style that is delightfully clear and yet profound, Kylie outlines God’s plan for women. In an age where women are told they can, and should, have it all, Kylie shares deeply from her own life experience as she takes us back to the Bible. This book lifts our eyes away from ourselves and onto God and his purpose for our lives. It’s a breath of fresh air.”
    Wendy Francis, Queensland

    About the author
    Kylie Moody lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband Amos and five children. She holds a Bachelor of Ministries and a Bachelor of Education.

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