Winning Between the Ears
Gary Blackford
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Winning Between the Ears

Gary Blackford


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We’ve known the science of brain renewal for years.

Terms like ‘Neuro-Plasticity’, ‘Synapsis’ and ‘Neurologic Pathways’ fill book stores and conferences. Now at last this unique book puts this science in reach of everyone. Practical, powerful and fuelled by real stories of transformation, ‘Winning Between the Ears’, with its disarming candour, simple language, vulnerability and humour will inspire you that anything is truly possible.

Combining ancient texts, modern neuroscience and powerful stories of transformation, ‘Winning Between the Ears’ is refreshingly easy to understand and powerful in application.

Linking time travel, bobsledding, Hippo riding and a bit of machete mayhem, ‘Winning Between the Ears’ teaches re-wiring the mind, thought capturing, focalism, forgiveness therapy and how to destroy dominant destructive memory loops replacing them with life enhancing habits. It’s true, no matter the age, anyone can create pathways to transformation.

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