will i have to brush my teeth

    Will I Have To Brush My Teeth In Heaven?

    Emma-Jane McNicol

    ISBN 9780645636680

    LIST PRICE: $27.99


    How do you navigate life when you, or those you love, are faced with the loss of what you just can’t live without? Your child.

    Will I Have to Brush My Teeth in Heaven reveals the true story of a family beautifully blessed but tested almost to breaking point. When faced with the illness of their youngest son Samuel, they had to quickly adapt to hospital life with a sick child, and then to life without that child after he passed away. Only eighteen months later, tragedy struck the family again. This time it was their second son, Ben, who at six years old, was diagnosed with brain cancer. Devastatingly, he also passed away.

    As you journey through their story, you will be challenged to consider some big questions. How do you:

    • respond to suffering?
    • forgive others that hurt you?
    • help others in their loss?
    • hold on to hope when it feels like you have lost, or are losing, everything?

    Their story, and their ability to overcome will encourage you to go deeper as you ponder God’s love for you and others – even when the longed-for healing, or answer to your prayers, does not come. There is a hope that is greater than what we see in this world come and be enthralled by it.

    About the author
    Emma-Jane McNicol lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband Roddy and their two slightly crazy dogs. As a solicitor she trained in New Zealand and has worked in both London and Brisbane. Her greatest achievement is not one that she achieved herself it is the fact that she is fortunate to be Mum to three very special boys. Her story is really their story.

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