Why Jesus? Navigating His Transformative Message

    Why Jesus? Navigating His Transformative Message

    Karyn L. Chua

    ISBN 9780645993868

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    “Dive deep into the heart of faith with Why Jesus? Navigating His Transformative Message. In this compelling exploration, the profound teachings of Jesus come alive, bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and contemporary lives.

    With eloquence and insight, this powerful book unveils the timeless impact of His words, revealing how they continue to shape the very fabric of our existence. Through riveting stories and insightful interpretations, readers are guided on a transformative journey, discovering profound truths that resonate across generations.

    Addressing challenging questions about God’s existence, the presence of evil, and life’s meaning, the author portrays Jesus not just as a teacher and saviour, but as a compassionate friend. She presents a way of life through Jesus that leads to peace, joy, and fulfilment.

    Why Jesus? challenges conventional beliefs, inviting readers to question, explore, and ultimately embrace the transformative power of Christ’s message. As the pages unfold, witness miracles, compassion, and unwavering love, inspiring a deeper connection with spirituality and the divine.

    This book is not just a revelation… it’s an invitation. An invitation to grasp the essence of Jesus’ teachings, to navigate their profound impact on our lives, and to find enduring answers to the eternal question: Why Jesus?

    About the author
    A Christ follower who experienced Jesus’ love at the age of 11, Karyn L. Chua came from a small charming tin mining town of Kampar in Perak, West Malaysia. However, her life’s trajectory deviated drastically when she was given away at birth. Believing that it was God leading and guiding her, even at a tender age, she came into the care of a compassionate woman who graciously welcomed her into her heart and home. Through her benevolence, Karyn received invaluable gifts, including that of education, a blessing that eventually led her to Singapore in 1976 and later to Australia in 1983, where she completed a business course.

    In the intricate fabric of her life, a turning point materialised in 1995 when she encountered a Bible-walking man, who knew the Bible from front to back, embodying his faith. Their subsequent marriage marked the commencement of a shared odyssey. His profession whisked them to various corners of the world, enabling them to immerse themselves in diverse cultures and embrace the essence of international living.

    Her journey has brought her back to Australia, where her children have found their paths and are diligently pursuing their careers. Meanwhile, her husband continues his work overseas. Together, they navigate the delicate equilibrium of a life shaped by myriad of experiences and global connections.


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