Whispers of Presence

    Christine A. Mallouhi


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    By Christine A. Mallouhi | ISBN 9780648715092

    Whispers of Presence is a collection of daily reflections on spiritual aspects of life. Author Christine Mallouhi dips into the Celts love of nature, the Monastics’ daily rhythms, along with a sprinkling of Sufi love sayings. She gathers mentors to join with her own gentle reflections from a life, lived in both the West and the Middle East, to help us walk this sacred rhythm into daily life.

    These readings are thresholds to foster prayer and awareness that opens to the Presence of God in a fractured day. The central theme of shared love and longing for God brings healing to disparate communities in a frenetic world and can change how we live. They are offered as a gateway into developing a practice of do-able deliberate contemplative prayer stops, in busy days, to hear whispers of the God who is always present.

    About the author
    Christine A Mallouhi is a Lay Minister in the Anglican Church in Australia where she leads a Benedictine lay group. She grew up in Melbourne and lived over thirty years in Muslim communities in the Middle East and North Africa. She is well known for forging bridges between Muslim and Christian communities, and between the Evangelical and Sacramental branches of Christianity. Her books have been translated into five languages. She is married with two adult children.

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