When They Prayed

    Janet Crawshaw


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    By Janet Crawshaw | ISBN 9780645141702

    Prayer is the way that we as Christians relate to God. When we develop our friendship with Him, we begin to understand more about Him. If we approach God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, with sincerity, we will discover prayer is priceless.

    A relationship with God is as relevant today as it was in Biblical times. We all have experiences of longing and loneliness, or joy and thankfulness. Whatever we face, we can talk to God the Father and to the Lord Jesus Christ.

    When they Prayed takes you on a journey where people like Abraham and Hannah prayed, just as Laurel, James and Kelly, people of our times, have prayed. We can do the same – and this powerful book will show you how.

    About the author
    Janet Crawshaw loves to study the Bible. She leads a Ladies’ Bible study group and writes summaries for these studies. She has been a Scripture teacher and currently teaches music privately. Her love for God and her concern for women of all ages is the motivation to encourage them to deepen their Christian faith and to live close to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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