when the thorns of life hurt

    When the Thorns of Life Hurt

    Life is often filled with hurting troubles, painful problems and thorns in the flesh. Paul the Apostle begged God for a thorn in the flesh to be removed, but the response from God was “My grace is enough for you”. Why did God respond this way rather than just simply remove the thorny problem? Why does God allow us to be afflicted with a problem?

    What actually is the grace of God and how can it be enough for our pains? What was the thorn that Paul chose not to reveal? Should you give thanks to God even when the pains from the thorns of life are unbearable? Can something new still come out of the story of the thorn in the flesh of Paul?

    In When The Thorns of Life Hurt, the author has made bold attempts to answer all these questions and more using clues from the various writings of Paul, as well as some of his own painful experiences. The personal stories of the author about God’s grace being sufficient will help encourage you that His presence and working power are still working in you, despite the challenges you may be facing.

    When The Thorns of Life Hurt will help you discover how God’s grace helps us to unlock blessings in the areas of wisdom, patience, rejection, self-control, faith and hope in God, and contentment from the pains we bear. It’s a book to read at such a time as this.

    About the author
    Abidemi Olajide holds a Master’s degree as a trained agriculturist who worked for several years in Nigeria before he perceived God’s call in Year 2003 to relocate to the UK. He gained the UK Qualified Teacher Status, but taught briefly before he moved into parenting work with families as a Practitioner for several years in the UK and briefly in the USA. He is now retired from secular work.

    Abidemi is also the author of Parenting with the G-Factor – A Godly Perspective to Raising Children. He enjoys prophetic teaching of the word of God and has a deep passion for writing, singing hymns, as well as enjoying worship music and football. Abidemi is blessed with three children and many grandchildren. Abidemi is available for invitations to speak in conferences and workshops and may be contacted via email: abidemi.olajide@gmail.com

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