When I Am A Doctor

    Dr. Anne Glew


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    By Dr. Anne Glew | ISBN 9780645037555

    Lorna, the wife of a country minister, believed that her husband brought to their marriage his inherited family curse of poverty. She looked for relief to their firstborn daughter Anne who from the start showed the high intelligence capable of the earning potential of a medical doctor.

    Anne did become a doctor. One day when Anne and her youngest sister, both now grandmothers, were talking on the telephone about their early lives, the conversation turned to the time when Anne was starting second year Medicine. Abruptly the sister blurted out a long held secret.

    What she said turned Anne’s world on its axis. Anne became giddy and her head spun. For the next few weeks, she could barely concentrate on her patients. She repeated the conversation to her receptionists, her colleagues and her minister.

    Then she wrote this book!


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