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What is Your Plan B?

John Cronshaw


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By John Cronshaw | ISBN 9780648825906

John Cronshaw is the founding director of a group of tourism companies based in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia, initially established in 1974. He has been a Christian since 1960 and regards his business as a ministry. He has published other books including “Coached by God’ and “Land of the Bible’ that is used as a guide book for the tours he continues to lead to Jordan and Israel.

As a coach captain he has driven coaches Australia wide, including in one twelve month period touring to every Australian Capital city. In training other coach captains in his business, he states that “commentary is meant to educate, inform and entertain” so research of local geography, history and geology to create an interesting commentary for passengers on tour means the delivered content needs to be easily understood and interesting.

He has taken this principle into his Coach Captain’s Commentary of the Bible to present a very concise and readable summary of the story of the Bible from the beginning and leading to Jesus’ Crucifixion.

This book is ideal reading for a person who is interested in the Bible and is yet to decide whether “the Lord He is God”, or for people who need to get an understanding of how it all fits together. It is not an academic treatise – but it is a readable summary of God’s Plan A.

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