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Emily Houston

ISBN 9780648760719

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This collection of poems and poetic prayers gives insight into the emotional impact of sexual abuse. But these poems don’t depress, they give hope, following the pattern evident in the Biblical book of Psalms. Poems of lament are where God is discovered. This book demonstrates that God was always present, enabling not just survival in the short-term, but thriving in the long-term.

If you too were sexually abused, then this book is for you. These poems demonstrate that God sees your sufferings, hears your tears, cares about you, and has always been with you. You will discover in these pages that God welcomes your words, tears, and prayers.

This book is also for the friends and family of people who have lived through any type of abuse, giving insight and helping you to understand and offer support.

About the author
Emily Hillery is from Christchurch, New Zealand, but has also spent prolonged periods of time in various countries on missions trips. Her enjoyment of new cultures, local delicacies, and hot climates combine with her love for those who are often overlooked. Emily is a proficient nurse, an accomplished baker, and a novice gardener.

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