Walk On Water

    John Geyer


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    By John Geyer | ISBN 9780645103182

    This story is like a French film that strolls slowly through the scenery, pausing only momentarily to consider the plot. You can plug in anywhere along the three journeys and still enjoy the ride.

    Journey One: Jake and the New Hebrides

    In a Lombok bar Jake, bald with a white goatee, and his partner, Lady Owsley, sip beer over ice. As they chat with Gee, a helicopter pilot from Vanuatu, Jake ingloriously answers Gee’s question; ‘How did Jake’s surfboard come to be hidden on a tropical atoll for 50 years?’

    It’s 1967, a catamaran voyage with Jake’s boyhood friend Billy. They streak away, escaping the ordinary, in search of the exotic and the next beautiful wave.

    However, at Torino’s, an untamed Mexican bar, the pair meet Anne, and now colliding youthful views of love and passion freeze friendship and harden Jake’s heart.

    If you’re a surfer, the only antidote for a troubled soul is to surf.

    Journey Two: The Holy Goof, a year of surfing 1973

    A slice of life where waves too big for the planet frame this pivotal year for the earth.

    Within the microcosm of the North Shore Hawaii, the epicenter of the surfing world, professionalism ravages the primal ‘doing it for the feel.’

    Jake has become a professional while Billy is trying hard to hold it together after Vietnam. Rekindling their bond exposes different approaches to life, surfing, and love, all challenged by ghosts of past and present.

    Soul-cleansing surf is punctuated by a growing appreciation for a sagely old Japanese Christian – Nikaido, Billy’s 24/7 Christmas carol singing neighbor.

    Jake believes his choices have forfeited finding a soul partner, and Billy resurrects the strength to love. Almost succumbing to fate, emotions wobble, but finally, free will steers life’s journey.

    In the end, the ocean cleanses, and priorities change.

    Journey Three: Indo Beer 2010

    Kitesurfing e-journalist Jake, and his guide Sadi, are assigned to a beer monastery inside a 12,000 foot East Indonesian crater. Jake, an evolving but closeted Christian, encounters Lady Owsley, the first government hacker who’s hiding out at the monastery. She’s an overt follower of Jesus, enlightened by repeatedly reading the ‘red letters’ at the “beer church.” The magnetism of opposites continues to hold true, even between two people who have lived a full life.

    The natural attraction between Sadi and Celeste, the philosophy professor, enrages the jealousy of brewmaster – Simeon.

    Now Jake, Owsley, Celeste, and Sadi are pursued to the crater’s edge by machete-wielding locals… and future flashes are quicker than lightning.

    Through the ins and outs of adversity, our characters explore the meaning of growing young as you grow old.

    Finally, when it all boils down, this book is about the forms and evolution of the glue that holds the planet together – Love

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