Waiting In His Courts

    Cecelia Catherine Loppy

    ISBN 9780645492675

    LIST PRICE: $19.99


    Come! A love beckons into His tabernacle just for you!

    Has the longing for something greater ever consumed your heart? Has the call and hunger for the King’s presence ever beckoned you to draw closer, to have a glimpse and a revelation of His dwelling courts?

    Waiting in His Courts is an invitation to a close and intimate relationship with God our Father through Jesus Christ our Lord, the ultimate King. God is calling us into an inner court royal fellowship. Accept the invitation and let Him walk you through the gates of the courts and into the Holy of Holies.

    Author Cecelia Catherine Loppy leads you on a life-impacting journey of discovery and transformation into the King’s court that will:

    • Ignite a deeper hunger and thirst for intimacy with God
    • Propel you to look inward and raise your level of discontent within your comfort zone
    • Bring you in front of a biblical mirror to help you see you, through His eyes
    • Help you discover the treasures hidden in the call to Royalty

    “Cecelia Catherine Loppy is a jewel in the crown of grace of the King of Kings. She is not content to live life in the outer courts of salvation to eternal life, and has pressed into the presence of the King, to behold the radiance of His glory, and to pursue with all her heart the reason for which she was redeemed, her destiny in God.”
    Pastor Paul Craig, Sunbury Baptist Church, Melbourne Victoria

    “The revelation of the cleansing bronze laver gives such a godly perspective to the reader as you appreciate in that moment you are seeing yourself the way God sees you.  That was a very powerful moment for me coming into that realization.”
    Miranda Ughulu, The Throne Room Ministries Inc.” Orlando, Florida USA.

    “For those of us who have ever had questions about our identity, purpose, or being worthy for His service, this book is so helpful in bringing us to a place of surrender, “waiting in His court” and being entirely transformed by His perfect love for us. ……….a worthy reminder that we are daily being transformed into His image.”
    Pastor Joe-Ann Smit, River City Christian Church, Hobart, Tasmania

    About the author
    Cecelia Catherine Loppy is a young, passionate Tasmanian author and an authentic and inspiring speaker, writer and blogger. She is the author of Beyond the Shadows, a memoir about her life journey from Africa to Australia.

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