Views From Down Under

    Philip S Weeks

    ISBN 9780645539714

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    Can we recall a word spoken in love that has refreshed, that has stopped us straying, that has mended a wound?” (David Cumming)

    Views From Down Under contains over 20 years’ worth of “Pastor’s Comments” intended both for Pastor Philip S Weeks’ own church bulletins and for any other busy church worker or pastor for use in their own bulletins and newsletters.

    These brief devotional messages are based on individual Bible verses to bring an encouraging word for everyday people facing everyday situations. Written for the glory of God, Philip’s traditional evangelical approach seeks to reaffirm the authority and practicality of God’s written Word, just as relevant today as when His inspired servants first put these words to parchment.

    About the author
    Philip S Weeks is a retired Pastor based in Tasmania, Australia. Views From Down Under was written during a period of over 20 years for use in church bulletins and he published the first short booklet of 138 of them in 1996. As with this expanded volume, Philip wanted to make these brief devotional messages freely available to any and all busy pastors or church workers who might need a short Bible thought for their own church bulletins and newsletters, without having to worry about copyright infringements.

    Philip has been an evangelical pastor in Australia for over 30 years, as well as a lay preacher since the age of 18, a school teacher in both state and faith-based Australian schools, and principal during 13 years of two Christian Schools in Tasmania. Migrating from Oregon in the US in 1974, Philip taught high school English, Social Studies/History and Religious Studies in Tasmania until retiring in 2019, with a year (1986) in Melbourne, Victoria teaching Speech and Drama at Donvale Christian School and pastoring Camberwell Community Church.

    Philip Weeks is the author of five Christian novels for teens, which he wrote when recovering over an enforced seven-year break in the 1990’s from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (M.E.).

    Phil has been married for over 46 years and together with his wife, have five grown children and 15 grandchildren. The couple worship locally where, on occasion, their pastor asks Philip to “take the service” when he needs to be serving elsewhere. Philip prayerfully hopes these devotions will be a blessing to those who read them.

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