Vertical Living

    Mike Hubbard


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    By Mike Hubbard | ISBN 9780645286021

    How many of us get a gift with many mechanical components and struggle, or even neglect, to properly read the instruction booklet? Any product that is not used within the parameters of its proper design will very quickly break down.

    Our own design is a gift. Our design manual is based on loving relationships with our designer, ourselves and each other So, based on this, why is it such a struggle for us to use our design correctly and how can we help reduce the onslaught of the carnage in our relationships?

    In Vertical Living, author Mike Hubbard brings answers and insight into how we can do life better. Mike shares his experiences and the consequences of using our design well… and not so well.

    With relational keys, which will inspire readers in mastering relational life skills and passing them on, Vertical Living has been written to bring more understanding, revelation and inspiration into how to use our design according to the designer manual of life.

    The author’s desire is to enhance and impart more quality life to the reader and their loved ones, therefore seeing all of us live our lives to our full design potential.

    About the author
    Mike Hubbard spends his days as a Doctor of Osteopathy and is a credentialed Pastor and trained counselor. Mike, is in his 40th year of marriage to his beautiful wife Felicity, has three married children. He lives in Sydney, Australia.

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