Up and Out of Egypt

    Helen Marsh


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    By Helen Marsh | ISBN  9780987583918

    A stunning true story of redemption and forgiveness.

    Up out of Egypt is the personal story of Helen Marsh: a young, rebellious girl, who from the age of 12 was in search of fun. By the time she was 14, she became sick and when hospitalized, it was discovered that she not only suffered from glandular fever, but that she was pregnant.

    To cover her wrong she lied again, telling her parents she had been raped. The police were called in and one lie lead to another…

    When finally the truth about her life and lifestyle was revealed, and the mess she had created, her baby was given up for adoption; the law said she would never see her baby again. What pain and trauma she and her family suffered, yet faithfully and lovingly they stood by her and saw her through.

    Sadly she did not learn from her hard lesson. Pregnant again at 15, and married at 16, the struggle now moved to teenage marriage, and the birth of three children in 3 years. But God endured, and Helen is not only still married to the same man she married at 16 years of age, but she also reunited with the daughter she relinquished.

    Up out of Egypt reveals God’s Grace, forgiveness, redemption and reconciliation. It is a story of His redeeming love.

    About the author
    Helen Marsh and her husband Wally live in the leafy outskirts of the Yarra Valley, in Victoria Australia. They have 5 children and 13 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. Helen has had many and varied roles in her life including Softball coach and clerical worker. After finding a new life in Christ at the age of 32 she has been involved in leading women’s groups, and was an Associate Pastor for 6 years. She is now enjoying retirement.

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