Unlocking Creative Identity

    Roma Waterman


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    By Roma Waterman | ISBN 978-0994551658

    God is looking for the artist who is willing to carve pathways that lead others to His heart.

    He is looking for those who want to impact the earth with the glory art of Heaven, regardless of fame and fortune. To dream, create and change culture through songs, stories, art, dance.

    God wants us to have our identity so deeply rooted in Him that we will take risks that take us beyond the desire for importance or reputation; to unlock doors that take us and others into realms of encounter through our art.

    Unlocking Creative Identity is about uncovering what it really means to be the artist God wants you to be. One that sees the angel in the marble and will chip away piece by piece until what is seen in the mind’s eye can be seen by many.

    In this book you will:

    Uncover ways to deal with rejection and failure

    Learn how to become an ‘Imagineer’ and dream with God

    Uncover the beauty of brokenness and the power of healing

    Receive creative wisdom and never have ‘writer’s block’

    Learn how to encourage yourself in God to avoid discouragement

    Also included are several interviews with artists in different genres, unpacking their creative process and how they have dealt with disappointment and failure. With prayers, action points and questions, this book is a must for every creative desiring to find keys to unlock their own heart and the heart of the great artist Himself.

    About the Author

    From Melbourne, Australia, Roma is the author of The God Artist: The Quest for Supernatural Creative Influence, and The Handbook for Working Singers. Having recorded 7 albums, she travels the globe leading worship as well as training worship teams on the art of songwriting, the prophetic, and worship leading.

    Roma has also been a vocal coach and session singer for TV shows including The X Factor and The Voice, and has won several international song writing awards as a worship artist and songwriter.

    She is married to Ted and has two childen, Angel and Asa.


    Roma Waterman is a mother and pioneer in the fields of Music and the Arts. She carries a wealth of wisdom and insight that is both practical and inspiring. I highly recommend Unlocking Creative Identity for anyone seeking a greater depth to their spiritual and creative life.

    Stephen Roach Musician and Founder of The Breath & The Clay Creative Arts Movement  USA

    Unlocking Creative Identity: Finding Your Angel In The Rock adds another beautiful note to the symphony of powerful, anointed, and prophetic works of Roma Waterman. Roma has consistently committed her life to upholding the eternal value of personal and corporate worship in the body of Christ, and seeks to inspire and equip others to find and use their creative gifts to glorify God. Her passion and insights, clearly birthed in the secret place, find authentic and tender expression in every page. I thoroughly recommend this valuable and inspiring book.

    Pastor Sam Evans Planetshakers Church,  Australia

    When I wrote, Unlocking the Heart of the Artist, back in 2010, it was out of my own journey of brokenness and struggle with identity. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of artists around the world whose central struggle in their faith, finances, and creativity, all center around issues of identity. I’m so happy Roma has continued the conversation for creatives in her new book, Unlocking Creative Identity, and highly recommend it to everyone who wants to thrive as a creative in the Kingdom of God!

    Matt Tommey Author, Artist, and Speaker Asheville, North Carolina,  USA

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