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Unless Two Agree

Ian Kuhlmann

ISBN 9780648991267

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We know that Adam was made in the image and likeness of God, but how is he a type of the Messiah, and why is this significant?

Has your interest ever been sparked by the similarities between Joseph and Jesus? There are many similarities here to unearth, but which other Bible great also has similarities to Joseph?

What does Noah’s Ark, Moses’ Tabernacle and the Temple of Solomon all have in common with each other, which profoundly relates directly to Jesus as the Messiah?

Did Jesus deliberately mastermind His ministry to mirror all the Old Testament greats, or, did the Old Testament greats play out prophecy in anticipation of the coming of Jesus?

Come and take an epic journey of discovery into the lives of six extraordinary great men of God. Here we shall examine a host of intriguing and surprising events and characteristics that occurred in their lives, and see how these events and characteristics are mirrored in the life and ministry of Jesus. This shall then reveal an amazing Biblical pattern that has significant ramifications upon the design and the writing of the very Scriptures themselves.

Unless Two Agree has been specifically designed as a strategic companion to your Bible, providing useful insights that gives a depth to the Word that any Believer will appreciate. This book can also be used as a base for Bible study groups. Written in an easy-to-read format, Unless Two Agree reveals the unique connection that these six men of God have with the Messiah Jesus.

About the author
Born and raised in a traditional Lutheran family in South Australia, Ian Kulhmann has had involvement in several churches in South Australia and Queensland over the years, which included a joint youth leadership role and being part of pioneering a church in Murray Bridge, South Australia in the early 1990’s. This then propelled him to undertake a Bible study course at School of Ministries, Christian Outreach Center, Brisbane, in Theology and Ministry, passing with distinction. Many years later, this then also paved the way to be part of various ministry teams at Living Faith Lutheran Church and The Healing Rooms in Brisbane, to name a few. Much of his time is devoted to researching Biblical topics which is self-published in booklet form for various church members across Australia, and also to the general public. His passion for the Scriptures has led him to become more diligent with the Bible, which often reveals priceless treasures with the mission of enriching the lives of many in the Word. In recent years, his association with Messianic Education Australia has been rewarding. Ian and his wife, Mandy, currently live in Brisbane.

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