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Unless Two Agree 2

Ian Kuhlmann

ISBN 9780645371420

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The messenger angel, Gabriel, only ever came to three key people of the Bible. Who was the first person that he spoke with, who then went on to change the course of history, with even Jesus making significant reference to this respected person?

Jesus came as the Prophet and Priest in His first coming as the Son of Man. But to which prophet did Jesus refer to the most in His ministry, more than any other prophet before His coming? And why was the message given to this remarkable prophet so extraordinary?

Many kings did Israel have in times long ago. However, only one of these kings tried desperately to retrieve the remaining lost article of the temple, but he died trying in his pursuit to complete that which was missing. In the future, who shall return this missing article to King Jesus when He returns to take up His throne in Jerusalem and why?

Come with me on another extraordinary journey of great discovery, as we explore in depth a further eight great men of the Old Testament. Here we shall discover how Jesus is seen in His three-fold ministry—Prophet, Priest and King—and why this is important for His people today.

Then to complete this whole saga, we shall make a surprising detour, as we connect the dots between Jacob’s twelve sons and Jesus’ twelve disciples. What could these 24 men possibly have in common with their counterparts, being separated by almost 2,000 years of history? 

Once again, Unless Two Agree 2 has followed suit with the previous book in that it has being designed as a strategic companion to your Bible, in an easy-to-read format. One shall agree that this book goes deeper to reveal a superb richness to other Old Testament greats, and provides intriguing and thought-provoking analysis of some of the less travelled paths of the Bible.  

About the Author
Born and raised in a traditional Lutheran family in South Australia, Ian has had involvement in several churches in S.A. and QLD over the years, which included a joint youth leadership role and being part of pioneering a church in Murray Bridge, South Australia in the early 1990’s. This then propelled him to undertake a Bible study course at School of Ministries, Christian Outreach Center, Brisbane, in Theology and Ministry, passing with distinction. Many years later, this then also paved the way to be part of various ministry teams at Living Faith Lutheran Church and The Healing Rooms in Brisbane, to name a few. Much of his time is devoted to researching Biblical topics which is self-published in booklet form for various church members across Australia, and also to the general public. His passion for the Scriptures has led him to become more diligent with the Bible, which often reveals priceless treasures with the mission of enriching the lives of many in the Word. In recent years, his association with Messianic Education Australia has been rewarding. Ian and his wife, Mandy, currently live in Brisbane. 

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