Under the Shadow of His Wings

    Anna Rose


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    by Anna Rose | ISBN 9780995421523

    ‘Don’t be silly, put it down,’ I said calmly, controlling the shock and panic, not letting anything show on my face, as my husbands rage and insanity slowely turned to calm and defeat…the man I had shared my life with…was he crazy? 

    From a wonderfully protected, beautifully dedicated childhood – full of success, peace and privelidge – to a trauma so deep (and a brokeness and ruin in almost every way) – that only an incredible ‘Healing Journey’, would return Anna to wholeness and peace once more. 

    About the Author

    Anna Rose: “I love my life and am so grateful to God, for all that He has done, is doing and will do in the future…there’s no way I could have dreamed up my life all those years ago when the first seeds of a desire to record my experiences was blossoming.” Anna cares for ‘the poor, the crippled, the lame and the blind’ (Luke 14:13) in her community, through work, study and her local Church through their ‘Healing Centre’. She lives in ‘the most beautiful part of the world’ and continues to live, love and learn as her dreams come true with horses, cats, art, music and ministry.

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