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K.J. Rowe


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By K.J. Rowe | ISBN 9780645337075

Dylan Saunders has got it all. He’s got a great job as a Diesel Mechanic, a killer Harley Davidson Motorbike, his local Football club has just won the Premiership cup and he’s sure the girl he wants feels the same about him. Life is good.

Only, at home it isn’t.

His troubled younger brother, and his mum’s depression since his dad’s death, take a lot out of his time and the only break he gets is at youth group, work or playing football. Reluctant to accept the captain’s role at his local Football club because of the extra strain it would place on him, Dylan finds however he cannot say no when out of the blue, the Australian Football League come knocking!

Thrust into celebrity status with a booming ALF club, Dylan finds his grasp on things that once grounded him begin to slip. Tension increases in his friendships; his younger brother is caught up with bad company; his mum’s behaviour is odd; but he’s playing football at the highest level. He can support his family and he’s set up for life now. God is blessing him!


About the author
K.J. Rowe began her writing career in 2012 with the drafting of her Young Adult series called “Casts of Silver”, The series, born out of her own unique experiences and understanding how books can literally change people’s lives has been crafted to spotlight particular issues common amongst young people. To impress upon youth the importance of listening to their inner voice, remembering their self worth and to trust in Gods perfect plan for each of our lives is the mission and vision of this series. Karen lives with her husband and 2 children on a farm in North West Victoria, Australia.


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