unchained melody

    Unchained Melody

    Jacqueline Clark

    ISBN 9780645993813

    LIST PRICE: $24.99


     A compelling true story of one woman’s journey from darkness to light 

    Based on a true story, Unchained Melody is an account of a compelling, but ordinary character, Melody, who will take you on a journey of discovery of the unseen spiritual realm.

    With curiosity and skepticism, she ventures into the “unknown”, where tragedy and adversity strikes. Melody faces her own spiritual battle.

    Melody is called to step into the dark, terrifying pit of despair to help those enslaved by addictions and the occult. There, she is confronted by the insidious manifestation of evil.

    A thought-provoking, deeply personal account that will engage and touch the reader, Unchained Melody is a must-read for those searching or contending for Truth and exposing the web of deception by shining the Light of God in the darkness.


    “Compelling supernatural and paranormal themes.”

    “A powerful and chilling testimony.”

    “The story allows self-reflection as the readers follow the narrative through Melody, a compelling and real character.”

    “Conveying raw emotion with a honesty on various issues that will identify with a wide audience.”

    “There is a sense of honesty and reality that is conveyed in your writing which allows the reader to connect and relate to.”

    “Personable and intimate language that the reader will connect to.”

    “The storytelling is gripping and relatable, covering many themes from moving to a new country, experiencing culture shock, exploring and learning new things, finding one’s calling, trauma, growth, learning about spirituality, self understanding resilience, and having a family.”

    “The story elates in its accessibility, restorative for the reader regardless of personal faith or prior conviction. The well balanced sensitivity and openness welcomes all readers to offer comfort.”

    “All in all, a very entertaining, powerful and thought-provoking read.“

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