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K.J. Rowe

ISBN 9780645108088

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It is early summer in the beachside town of The Valley. Lexi Slaydon flips her long auburn hair in an attempted display of confidence before she steps into her local church for the weekly Friday night social.

No matter how many times she attended youth nights, the butterflies always took flight within her stomach in the hours leading up to youth night.

So, when a normal day at work sees a handsome stranger move into Lexi’s path and an opportunity at church presents itself that could set her up to finally conquer her fears, Lexi feels a spark; a spark of that thing she sees so often in her best friend, Hope: confidence!

Just as Lexi begins to get a grasp of how her new reality feels, another new reality hits. She discovers too late that she is a naive pawn in a game of conquests her new beau is playing. Rocked to the core, Lexi tries to break it off, only to find his determination intensify. A night that should have been a night to remember for one of her best friends quickly becomes a night to remember for Lexi as she and her beau face off with potentially devastating results.

Will she have the courage and be strong, or will she break under the pressure?

About the author
K.J. Rowe began her writing career in 2012 with the drafting of her Young Adult series called “Casts of Silver”, The series, born out of her own unique experiences and understanding how books can literally change people’s lives has been crafted to spotlight particular issues common amongst young people. To impress upon youth the importance of listening to their inner voice, remembering their self worth and to trust in Gods perfect plan for each of our lives is the mission and vision of this series. Karen lives with her husband and 2 children on a farm in North West Victoria, Australia.

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