travelling light

    Travelling Light

    Adele Huntington

    ISBN 9780645967395

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    We all face challenges as we travel through life, and Christians are no exception. As you read the pages of Travelling Light, you will find that these short devotions will inspire, challenge and draw you closer to God.

    The author, Adele Huntington, has written them out of her own personal experiences of sensing God speaking to her in various ways— a beautiful scene, a life experience, or during her daily quiet time, when a word or concept has stood out and she has felt challenged to do some heart-searching in her own life.

    These devotions cover a variety of themes, such as: trusting God in difficult situations, weak faith, experiencing God’s love, facing fear, finding His strength in our weakness and sharing our faith. Many of these topics reoccur in fresh ways because, as the author has experienced herself, as we travel through life, we are always learning and needing to be reminded of God’s promises.

    Readers are encouraged not to rush on to the next devotion, but to take time to reflect, listen to what God might be saying to them, and to discover the joy of travelling light through life with Jesus.

    The theme of each devotion is enhanced by a photograph taken from the author’s travels, or everyday life experiences. The photos also add an extra dimension to the message and also make the book a lovely gift to give to a friend.

    About the author
    Now retired, Adele Huntington has a background of many years of ministry with her husband, including 12 years in Papa New Guinea and seven years in Japan, as well as pastoral ministry in a number of churches in Queensland, Australia. She has been, and still is, a mentor to many younger women. She and her husband, Barry, live by the Logan River just south of Brisbane, Australia. They feel blessed to have their three sons and their families living relatively close and being able to enjoy family times together.

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