Torn Between Two Loves
Beryl SpencerBeryl Spencer
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Torn Between Two Loves

Beryl Spencer

ISBN 9780994551641

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TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVES is a journey through everyday life. It is about reality and heartache. Beryl Spencer was sexually abused as a child and violently raped as a teen; she felt rejected by those whom she should have been able to trust. What followed were teenage years of conflict and confusion, always trying to follow the Lord, and failing so many times. How could God allow this to happen? Beryl was chained in her mind to the event of the past and shame dictated her life- the enemy constantly trying to convince her that her life was worth nothing.

The day came when Beryl made a life-changing decision; she would no longer allow the past to define her future.

The key theme of this Book is that of ordinary people, leaders of their day, who were honest and real, admitted their faults. The Apostle Paul once grappled with the issues that so often the things he wanted to do to please the Lord, he did not do and the things he didn’t want to do he did. Paul called himself a wretched man. This is a place we all relate to if we were truthful and honest with ourselves. It’s real life, it’s everyday life. How many times to we say hurtful words that we never intended to, or act in ways we never planned to do. King David expresses these feeling in many of the Psalms written by him.

This book will guide you some answers as Beryl openly shares her life experiences, her failures and victories.

Journey with Beryl as she uncovers the daily battles of life entwined in the truths of God’s Word versus the battle-field of the mind. She discovers that many of the great leaders were just ordinary people; people that also faced a tug of war of the heart and the challenges of failing to do the things they should do. They loved, they hated, they fought against God but mostly returned and bowed the knee to the God who alone could lead them in a path of victory.

Beryl’s passion for justice has seen her work with Governments to have Legislation amended to protect children. She actively campaigned to have the first ‘ grooming of children in the familial setting’, introduced into Parliament in Queensland. It became law in 2009. Her story will inspire you and challenge you as you walk with the Lord.

About the author
Beryl Spencer is a mother and grandmother and lives with her husband on a cattle property outside Kilkivan, Australia. Beryl is a longtime community leader and advocate for abused children, working in high school and then working with Governments to amend legislation to protect children.Beryl has received rewards for her commitment to community, child protection and small business. She has held various mentoring and leadership roles both in community and Church and across a broad demography in urban and rural areas. Beryl’s love of writing developed over the years and started with composition in school. Later Beryl wrote articles for Church magazines, Women’s Magazines, always feeling the importance of sharing the authentic Christian life and desiring to bring the Word of God alive to others. Beryl is a speaker and conference presenter. This is Beryl’s third book that shares what she believes is most important for Christians, and that is shining the love of Jesus and the light of the Cross in the hard and difficult places of life.

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