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Gary Raymond
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Top Cop

Gary Raymond

ISBN 9780987583956

LIST PRICE: $24.99


Told through the eyes of former Chief Inspector Gary Raymond (NSW Police Force), Top Cop captures the essence of police life and covers with depth and humour a wide range of incidents from his career.

Raymond saw life at its raw edge – death, murder, suicide, petty crime. He was at the scene of the John Newman political assassination and present when the killers of Anita Cobby were tracked down. He struggled with a worker at the top of a Sydney television mast and rescued two women from under the debris of the infamous Granville train wreck.

A stirring account of Raymond’s dogged determination, he repeatedly put his life on the line in the service and protection of others. His rugged and tenacious faith in God shines through. Top Cop will change the way you think about Australia’s police force. This is a book that will make readers ask for more.

Foreword by Andrew Scipione, former Australian Commissioner of Police.

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