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Top Cop 2

Gary Raymond

ISBN 9780992345280

LIST PRICE: $24.99


Top Cop 2: On the Beat follows on from the bestselling Top Cop.

Top Cop 2: On the Beat covers some of the many experiences of Ex Chief Inspector Gary Raymond. This book traces some of the exciting events in the life of a New South Wales Cop who was not only a general police oficer on the beat, but was a member of the Rescue Squad and also a detective. Stories include that of a detective who cried, a young woman who was kidnapped, and a drug dealing at Cabramatta, Sydney.

The experiences of Gary Raymond at times almost defy description. This is a book for all those interested in the acts of policing and how our police manage to cope with the many aspects of crime, as well as their efforts to keep the general; public safe.

Top Cop 2: On the Beat is an exciting biography that you’ll struggle to put down.

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