Too Tough for Tears

    Barry Goode


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    By Barry Goode – ISBN 9780645227796

    “Too Tough For Tears” is Barry Goode’s true story, chronicling his life from a deprived childhood, through to a slum dweller’s criminal upbringing and multiple prison terms to his discovery of religion as salvation.

    Gritty prose describes life in the slums and how it’s cumulative effects shaped the author’s future. A life style forming a vicious circle, crimes and incarceration, from which there appears no hope of escape. The brutal and harsh conditions of Australian prison life are vividly described.

    One begins to comprehend that the intended aim of rehabilitation is quickly replaced by the dehumanizing and demoralizing effects of the penal system. These conditions further contribute to sealing off any means of escape out of the circle.

    Through religion, the author discovered his means of “escape”. In a long and arduous process he found the path to his redemption and salvation. “Too Tough For Tears” is not only a personal story but also a story of hope for all.

    “I couldn’t put it down. It’s the only book I’ve ever read in one sitting.”

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