this chosen fast

    This Chosen Fast

    Matt Madigan

    ISBN 9780645670523

    LIST PRICE: $19.99


    In this accessible book, join Matt as he responds to God’s invitation to pack up his family with just $2 in the bank, wait in airports for breakthrough, and overcome the odds to make it to ‘The Call – New York City’, to spend 12 hours in prayer with 70,000 other hungry Christ seekers.

    The book explores the revelations and challenges of what became Matt’s first 40 day fast. Featuring personal insights from his journal and practical advice for other seekers, gained from leading his city to multiple seasons of prayer and fasting, and heading up the 40 day fast for ‘The Call – Australia’.

    As you read Matt’s story and hear his challenge, you will begin to understand the vital role of prayer and fasting in your life, the life of your community, and the future of this world.

    About the author
    Matt Madigan is a pastor, speaker, author  and passionate faster. When Matt speaks about prayer and fasting, he does so from a wealth of personal experience. Much of Matt’s personal breakthrough has come through dedicating his life to prayer and fasting and for the last 20 years, a 40 day fast has been part of his annual routine. He is a known authority on the topic, leading a 40 day fast for ‘The Call Australia’ in 2004 which culminated with 6000 people attending a 12-hour event at the Sydney Showground.

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