There is Hope: For those who are ill and those who care

    Robert J Hillman

    ISBN 9780648371991

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    by Robert J Hillman with Coral Chamberlain | ISBN 9780648371991

    In this book Robert Hillman presents, in a balanced and simple way, an approach to dealing with illness that will help you receive all the healing possible for you in every aspect of your life – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social.

    He has written this book to give you hope. To encourage you to see that serious illness need not be accompanied by a sense of despair. It is even possible that your illness may be the beginning of real life for you.

    ‘Amidst the plethora of books on healing in recent years, few are as impressive from a practical point of view as this small book.’
    Dr Robert Claxton, surgeon

    ‘What a beautiful book! The love, tenderness, compassion and understanding shine through.’ 
    A grateful reader

    Robert J Hillman BA, BD, PhD was in full-time church ministry and a popular speaker for many years. Then came the diagnosis of non-curable cancer with subsequent radical medical treatment and enforced early retirement. But this did not keep him from being involved in a caring ministry, especially the care of those who were ill. He also devoted time to writing in his latter years, in the fervent hope that others might benefit from the insights he gained during his long journey with serious illness.

    Coral Chamberlain MSc, PhD is a former biomedical researcher and a writer/editor. Her role has been to bring both the first edition and this new edition of There is Hope to publication.

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