the mission dimension
Neil Flower
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The Mission Dimension

Neil Flower

ISBN 9780645967319

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Untold numbers of people in today’s western culture are wandering aimlessly in a hopeless morass of 21st century ‘ism’s’ that lead nowhere and give no satisfaction and purpose to life.

A form of Christianity that once was a major force in society now does not satisfy because it has lost its way and is dying from the roots up. But this is the 21st century and things are very, very different now. Or are they?

Multitudes of people are headed for a Christ-less eternity because they think that there is no hope and no future for this world and its people.

Has the Gospel failed? Is Christianity a spent and failed force? Perhaps it has not really been tried the way it was intended and over the last few decades, has been modified and re-stated by those who feel that they have an answer that is better than the one that the Founder first proclaimed .

The author of this volume, Evangelist Neil Flower, seeks to show the Church of today that real Christianity is not finished; in fact it can have a bright and hopeful future if it will ask God to take off the ‘blinkers’ of liberal and ‘society decreed’ culture and begin to simply do it ‘God’s way’.

In this insightful book, Neil gives four great principles which, if tried, could bring the Church back onto its original course. While critics will scoff and say that it is all too late, they are the ones who have brought the church to where it is now and have been refusing to do ‘it’ God’s way for the past century or so.

Why not remove your blinkers and just try the Jesus way?

“Neil Flower has given us a remarkable book filled not only with a timely reminder of the need for more effective outreach, he has placed it alongside stunningly simple and practical ideas for how to do it. The examples and samples in the appendices (what an inane word) are priceless. I strongly commend the book for ministry teams to work through together.”
Chris Edwards, Bishop of North Sydney

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