The World of the Word

    Dan Fennell

    ISBN 9780645103144

    LIST PRICE: $19.99


    Discipleship from Moab to Macedonia

    In an age of increasing biblical illiteracy, Dan Fennell invites readers on a journey through the lands of the Bible to rediscover the historical reality of the biblical narrative and to a renewed commitment to whole-of-life Christian discipleship.

    In this reflective exploration of what it means to believe, readers travel through the world of God’s word – in the Ancient Near East and across the Mediterranean – from Moab to Macedonia. We find ourselves struggling with Israel through the wilderness to Canaan, walking with Jesus and his disciples from Capernaum to Jerusalem, and then partnering with the Apostle Paul on his missionary journeys.

    In this wonderful book, devout pilgrims and curious seekers alike are helped to reconnect Christian faith to its historical foundations as the reality of the biblical story unfolds before their eyes. Throughout this discipleship adventure, you will be inspired to walk into the future, having discovered the challenge, fellowship and joy of following Jesus.

    About the author
    Born and raised in rural South Australia, Dan Fennell became a follower of Jesus while studying at university. Having completed teacher training, after marriage to his wife Diane, they departed from Adelaide in 1998 with their children to commence what became two decades of Christian ministry in Jakarta, Indonesia, serving in Christian education and with a large international church. Whilst living in Asia, Dan’s preaching and teaching ministry expanded to include ten years of leading successful study tours through the lands of the Bible – to Jordan, Israel, Turkey and Greece. After completing their ministry in Indonesia, Dan and Diane have now returned to live in South Australia.

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