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The White Dove Triumphs

Lynn Goldsmith


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By Lynn Goldsmith | ISBN 9780645183559

It was late 1930s and war was looming in Europe—most importantly in Paris, the city of romance. But romance was the last thing on the mind of two Jewish women working in a large bank. They were uncovering information that could endanger them forever. However their main focus was on keeping alive—Jewish women with important secrets was not a safe environment.

Over the border in Germany one man Gunther was troubled by what Hitler was setting up—to overtake all of Europe. He had to escape, but how? His friend Ernst was his loyal friend and was feeling the same tension. Together they devised plans to flee their beloved country undercover.

Esther and Debra were recruited as members to play their part in the war. Ernst and Gunther were invited in to help the Resistance to overcome the enemy—which was their homeland.

The White Dove Triumphs is the story of incredible courage shown by people in the Resistance movement and those who played a significant part all over Europe in helping to defeat the Nazis.

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