the truth about high school

    The Truth About High School

    Diana Adis Tahhan (PhD)

    ISBN 9781763557222

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    It is a difficult time to be a teenager. For those at high school, the playground doesn’t end in the schoolyard. Devices keep us connected to a cyber playground that can, at best, keep us distracted. At worst, they can crush our spirit. Most of us don’t have the tools to quieten the noise around us. We no longer know who we are and what is truly important.

    The Truth About High School is an applied philosophy for teenagers. It builds a solid foundation upon which we can go out into the world ready to fulfil a greater purpose, rather than the immediate impulse or craving, which is so prevalent among teens today.

    In this powerful book, Diana Adis Tahhan (PhD) uses relevant and interesting examples and experiences to help the reader unpack their emotions and lived experience. She provides simple, yet powerful, tools to disconnect from the fleshless, virtual world so that we can make meaningful changes to our lives.

    The Truth about High School is written for teens, but its powerful message is relevant to us all. It will help you find peace amidst the noise.

    This book is the first in Diana’s Truth Series, which all address real-life struggles and experiences, whilst providing tools to help people find hope and healing.

    About the author
    Diana Adis Tahhan (PhD) is an author who has published in the areas of cultural anthropology, Asian Studies and sociologies of the body. She is a Multi-discipline Therapist and the founder of Sydney Healing and Research Centre. Diana combines insights from psychology, theology, sociology, neuroscience, olfactory science, medical anthropology and the science of touch to help people address their emotional and physical health holistically.

    She is passionate about helping people find peace in their lives and, as an Orthodox Christian, applies where relevant, the wisdom and insights of her faith. She is the mother of three children: Amika, Zen and Kaiya, and together with her husband Daniel, are raising them to stand in truth and faith.

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