The Toilet Saved My Life

    The Toilet Saved My Life

    Julia Love

    ISBN 9780645920703

    LIST PRICE: $14.99


    The Toilet Saved My Life, is a fast-paced teen’s story about a troubled, lukewarm Christian teenage boy escaping a Jihadist rampage in the West African nation of Burkina Faso.

    Samuel had recently turned his back on his childhood faith, but suddenly at a wild party he finds himself alone, deserted by his friends and with no human way of escaping the deadly jihadist attack.

    Suddenly he has only the Lord to depend upon and God saves his life by giving him an extremely unusual escape route to safety. Samuel’s life is totally turned around by the miracle he receives.

    About the author
    Julia Love graduated from Macquarie University in New South Wales, Australia, and started her career as a high school teacher. Her faith in the Lord began after she was miraculously healed of a debilitating muscle disease in 1977. At the Lord’s calling to missions, she uprooted herself from her job, family, friends and began the life of a missionary. Over a span of more than thirty years, she lived and served in Bolivia, Mozambique, and the Ukraine, and eventually other fascinating nations like Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Spain and the Philippines.

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