the stars at night

    The Stars at Night

    Merrin Cameron

    ISBN 9780975633120

    LIST PRICE: $24.99


    Set in a rural community on the Western Darling Downs of Southern Queensland, “The Stars at Night” takes the reader on Kath Wilmont’s journey from a past where her childhood dreams and self confidence were cruelly destroyed, to a happy and fulfilled life that is suddenly shattered. 

    The path to a new beginning is an emotional rollercoaster, filled with fear and uncertainties, an exciting new opportunity and yet another disaster.  Will Kath be able to pave a way forward or will she once more sink into the lonely depths of despair? 

    As Kath confronts the realities of her new life, readers will witness the value of unconditional love and friendship and gain insight into key spiritual practices useful in forming a deeper relationship with God.

    About the author
    Merrin Cameron lives with her husband, John, in the rural town of Dalby, Queensland. Between them, they have six children and eleven grandchildren, whom they love to spend time with. Merrin has long been associated with farming and agriculture and has a Master’s Degree in Rural Systems Management. She is an active member of her local Church and is involved in the Religious Instruction programs in the state’s primary schools. Merrin is also a regular visitor in the Aged Care community.

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