The Spirit of Antichrist
Dr. Ken Lewis
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The Spirit of Antichrist

Dr. Ken Lewis

ISBN 9780645880953

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It is time we wake up and see the handwriting on the wall. Satan is working day and night, fomenting evil around the entire world. He is behind the chaos and disorder we see everywhere. He roams to and fro throughout the earth, causing evil to thrive and he is the destroyer of everything that is good. 

The killings, unrest, violence in the streets and the looting and stealing are all the Spirit of Antichrist.  Those are the destructive powers of Satan running through our civilization.

Many in leadership around the world are under the sway of Satan’s evil power. Take a look at all the areas that we should recognize as under the control of the Spirit of Antichrist in our society, as well as around the world. Some of them may surprise you. 

In this powerful new book, Dr. Ken Lewis points out things that are cloaked in great sounding words, but are evil to the core. Satan is smarter than we are and he hides his evil ways in great sounding rhetoric, but underneath the surface, they are the opposite of good.

Follow along as Dr. Lewis traces the underlying evil that abounds today; men who love to make themselves as gods to rule and reign over the rest of us. Some of the findings will shock you to your core!

About the author
Dr. Kenneth Lewis has traveled this great land ministering in music and preaching. A gifted preacher, he holds a BA in Religion, a Masters in Theology, and a Doctorate in Theology and is also a published author. He has preached in over 150 revival meetings across the country, pastored several churches, had several daily radio programs, and some television shows preaching and various interviews. He has written several booklets for revival meetings, articles for newsletters, a couple of YouTube channels, web sites, where he wrote numerous articles on theology and on various issues confronting the church.

In the last decade, he has been burdened with the direction of the church around America and across the world. Thus he felt compelled to begin writing about the downward spiral of the church into the culture of an unsaved world. He is passionate, cutting edge, and Biblical in his desire for the church to repent of its entanglement with a godless world. He currently resides in Kansas.

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