The Sound of Light

    Alexander N. Roe


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    By Alexander N. Roe | ISBN 9780648991281

    Be Victorious! Commissioned by God into the Office of Prophet (Eph.4:7), Alexander N. Roe has been used by The Holy Spirit in the avenues of preaching, teaching, impartation and church direction.

    After study and then preaching in Australia and overseas, his experience as a short term missionary in India brought his attention to the great need for a stronger entrance of The Body of Christ into Spiritual Warfare and a more illuminated understanding of the authorities and complete gifts given by God to His Church. (2Cor 10:3-5; Is 25:11)

    The whole of creation groans waiting for the manifestations of The Sons Of God.

    In these last days, as we stand on planet earth, the amphitheatre of the universe, God would have us to be victorious by using all the weaponry that He has created for us.

    Alexander’s qualifications include: Bachelor of Arts in Theology; Diploma of Ministry; and Diploma of Biblical Theology.

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