The Simple Joy of Seeing God

    A.J. Spurr


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    By A.J. Spurr | ISBN 9780645227710

    What if I told you that God has been revealing signs of His presence to you every day, but your mind has been trained NOT to see them?

    This book is the culmination of over ten years of research into the simple joy of Seeing God. You’ll discover the subtle signs of His presence and how to see and receive His ‘good gifts’ every day.

    You can learn to see God and to feel seen by God, even in the midst of your darkest and most difficult seasons.

    Let the words in these pages sweep over you like a tonic and speak life into your soul.

    About the author
    A.J. Spurr is a speaker, freelance writer and regular radio guest who has worked in media for over 20 years. A.J. is a praying mama of two boys and happy wife of a footy-loving barbecue aficionado.

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