The Next Exceptional CEO

    Russell Driscoll

    ISBN 9780645553512

    LIST PRICE: $32.99


    Good, Better, Best. And then there is Exceptional.

    FACT: In 2020, approximately 214 million companies existed worldwide. Most of those had a CEO. The sad reality is that too few CEOs are genuinely exceptional.

    PROOF: Irrespective of size or sector, very few organisations, get recognised for outstanding performance and sustainable excellence.

    AMBITION: Be real in assessing your current reality; be outrageous in visualising your desired future achievements. Then answer just one question: Do I have the internal fortitude to do it?

    WARNING: In reading The Next Exceptional CEO, your world is about to change!

    Prepare to become an outlier, statistically, an individual who will never again cope with ordinary, average, above average or good. You will become recognised for being consistently abnormal and counter-culture, breaking new ground and reaching altitudes that few CEOs even dream of, let alone seriously attempt.

    This book is not for the faint-hearted; it is a real game changer. Reading it and applying its principles and practices will change you, your management team, and the future experience of all your stakeholders.

    About the author
    Russell Driscoll is a management advisor specializing specifically in organisational performance and transformational change.

    His skillsets come from decades of management experience and business equities, including participation in automotive engineering, real estate, financial services, retail, hospitality, technology, and management consulting. His consulting years have enabled him access to many other sectors.

    Among his consulting pursuits was a need for a tool that would accelerate the timeline of senior managers to go from good to exceptional. Indeed having completed his MBA, he finally completed the development of The P9 Management Model. Russell is a husband, a proud father and a grandfather.

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