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  • Other Books by
    Rodney Hutcheon

The New Testament Church: Is Today’s Church What Jesus Intended?

Rodney Hutcheon

ISBN 9780645993820

LIST PRICE: $24.99


The New Testament Church was established by Jesus almost 2,000 years ago, when He sent the Holy Spirit to His followers at Pentecost. The Church started small, but grew rapidly in the Middle East – firstly among the Jews, but it quickly spread into the Gentile nations around the area.

It was an ideal area to start the Church, being the crossroads for trade and traffic from the north and east, going through to Egypt, and vice versa.

After almost 2,000 years of significant persecution, the Church appears to be not just surviving, but growing throughout the world. But, is this the reality?

To what extent does the New Testament Church of today reflect its roots? And to what extent does the Church stand for Christ, just as it did when the Church was first founded 2,000 years ago? Most importantly, to what extent has the attitudes, standards, and sins of the world infiltrated the Church of today?

Is the Church different enough from the world, for the unbelieving people to see Christ in us? In this remarkable new book, author Rodney Hutcheon explores where the New Testament Church fits into today’s society. Let’s see if we are disappointed with the answer!

About the author
Rodney Hutcheon lives in Central Queensland Australia in a rural community with his wife Desiree. Rodney was a career public servant prior to his retirement. He worked about 18 years for the Commonwealth Government and then about the same time for the Queensland State Government. Prior to retiring from the public sector, Rodney was the Executive Director of the Rural Division for the Central Queensland Hospital & Health Service, where he managed 10 rural hospitals along with other primary health care facilities. When he retired from that position, he was the CEO of a State-wide not-for-profit community service organisation. Rodney spent over 25 years in volunteer positions on management committees and organisational boards providing services to the aged and disabled members of our communities. His philosophy is that Christians should give something back to the communities in which they live.

Rodney describes himself as a conservative Christian who believes that the main problem we can have with the Bible is that we don’t take the Bible literally enough. Rodney holds a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) Degree, A Graduate Certificate of Social Administration and a Doctor of Biblical Studies.


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