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The Miracles of Jesus

Richard G. Berlach

ISBN 9780645636604

LIST PRICE: $19.99


Throughout history, Jesus’ miracles have had a seductive pull on the human psyche. But what miracles did Jesus perform? How was He able to do so? Where did His power come from? Why did He perform them anyway? Why did His miraculous wonders create such intense controversy among the Jews? How are Jesus’ miracles relevant for us today?

Those who take the time to work through the 42, two-page studies, will find answers not only to these questions, but discover so much more about the amazing occurrences that are The Miracles of Jesus

Richard G. Berlach PhD MDiv FACE is a retired university professor residing in Western Australia.


A timely and refreshing look at the miracles of Jesus. So insightful, thought-provoking and challenging. A book replete with personal experiences and stories illustrating God’s power at work today. This writing evokes a renewed awe and wonder regarding The Christ.

Pastor Mike Miles
(Newcomers & Pastoral Care)
Mt Pleasant Baptist Church, Western Australia

The Miracles of Jesus is a valuable resource for preachers and religious educators alike. Dr Berlach draws upon Biblical scholarship to open up scripture for reflection and prayer. Using contemporary situations, readers are invited to ‘go deeper’ and consider with their heads and hearts how Jesus’ miracles might relate to the present context. An accessible resource for adult educators and formators in building maturation in understanding and living the Faith.

Dr Chris Hackett 
Managing Director
Catholic Institute of Western Australia

This is a wonderful tour guide that points us to the beauty, truth and relevance of Jesus. It is a precious resource that allows us to stand back and gaze across the Gospels at the miracles of Jesus and the perfect, sinless and suffering-free future kingdom to which they point. I pray this book brings much delight in Jesus and puts spiritual wind in your sails. 

Andy Pearce 
Senior Minister – Rockingham Anglican Church

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