the l factor

    The ‘L’ Factor

    Dr. Ian Jagelman

    ISBN 9781921144011

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    “This book contains tried and true principles that have been practised over years for church growth and management. It deserves to be studied. I highly recommend it to you, your staff and your leadership team.”
    Pastor Richard Botta C3 Carlingford

    “Ian Jagelman is a powerful influence in our movement through his teaching and writing on leadership. People responded very enthusiastically when he taught this material at a recent national leadership conference held at our church in Oxford Falls.”
    Phil Pringle President, C3 Church International

    “In a clear and plain way Ian communicates insights into leadership which transfer across the denominational divides. He understands who a leaders should be and what a leader must do. For those who have eyes to see, this book contains pure gold.”
    Edward Vaughan Rector, St John’s Darlinghurst Anglican Church

    “Dr Jagelman researches contemporary leadership issues carefully and is able to integrate research and experience clearly in his writing. The book is a good and challenging read. The case studies will draw you in like a good mystery thriller.”
    Dr Bruce Stevens Senior lecturer in Pastoral Counselling St. Mark’s National Theological Centre and Canberra Clinical and Forensic Psychology

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