The King’s Daughter

    Carolann Kelleher


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    By Carolann Kelleher | ISBN


    About the author:

    Carolann Kelleher was born in London UK and came to Australia in January 1970 aged 25 years, looking for a new life with her two children. One was very sick and needed a warm climate to survive, which he did.

    Carolann faced many trials and storms in her life in Australia, but was able to overcome them. At age 72, she put pen to paper and wrote this book, which is a true story. It is one of many to come.

    This book is about a baby born into poverty and abuse, but was able to face this bleak future as she grew into a young lady and turned it into a life of blessings.

    Carolann has been an ordained pastor for the past 25 years. She has ministered in hospitals to the sick and the dying, as well as ministering to those in prison. She is the Lead Pastor at LifeWay Church in Western Australia.

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