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    The Kingdom Entrepreneur Devotional

    Andrew and Mona Hanna

    ISBN 9780645411799

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    Is your business struggling to reach its maximum potential? Then The Kingdom Entrepreneur Devotional is a must-read if you desire to change the direction of your business.

    Through short, engaging leadership and entrepreneurial reflections, combined with scripture, prayer and practical contemplations, this powerful business devotional provides a structured way to spend time with God. You will also discover how to pray and devote time and thought into how you can release God’s supernatural power and anointing into your business and subsequently the marketplace.

    In completing this six-week devotional, you will be equipped and empowered to position yourself to receive supernatural breakthrough and multiplication in your workplace, business and leadership. This powerful devotional allows space for reflection to experience the power of a God – with a proven track record of achieving results.

    The Kingdom Entrepreneur Devotional will create a breeding ground for the miraculous in your finances and all of your business endeavours.

    “One of the most powerful ways to know how God will move in your future is to see how He miraculously moved in your past.”
    Andrew & Mona Hanna

    About the authors
    Andrew and Mona Hanna are Kingdom entrepreneurs that have vast experience in life, business and ministry. Over the last 20 years they have had the opportunity to invest in multiple ventures. They believe that having passive multiple streams of income will allow you to serve and build the Kingdom of God with freedom.

    Using Kingdom Biblical Principles, they have pioneered diverse investing strategies, allowing them to manage and multiply what God has entrusted them with. Andrew and Mona believe that God doesn’t need our money; He needs good managers of His money.

    They have seen God move supernaturally in their finance journey and carry a unique entrepreneurial anointing to release and impart God’s financial provision over you, your family, and your business.

    Andrew and Mona have three anointed and appointed children: Jeremiah, Bethany and Elijah. They run Kingdom Business & Supernatural Ministry and they are also Family Pastors at Horizon Church Sydney, Australia and sit on multiple ministry and business Boards. They believe in a holistic lifestyle that includes family, business and ministry. They are passionate to see Kingdom entrepreneurs achieve influence and success in the marketplace through Biblical principles.

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