the joy of fear

    The Joy of Fear

    Jani Marshall

    ISBN 9780645774122

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    If you’re living a life that is, at times, gripped by fear, then you’re far from alone. Fear and anxiety are two of the biggest issues we face.

    In The Joy of Fear, author Jani Marshall shares how she lived her life with chronic anxiety – and how you don’t have to. Fear and worry played such a key part in her life that she was determined to do something about it. Fear grips Christians just as much as it does others in society, but Jani soon discovered that God actually wanted her to primarily fear Him.

    Why would God want anyone to fear Him? Jani was tired of fear in her life. She soon discovered that the fear of God is different to fear and anxiety. As well as her anxiety and fear story, Jani teaches throughout this book about how to fear God and why God wants us to fear him.

    About the author
    Jani Marshall is known for her relaxed teaching style and open warm nature. Jani conducts a counselling clinic in Australia. She has a Master of Suicidology and a Post Graduate Diploma of Counselling. Jani is a supervisor for counsellors across Australia. Jani specialises in suicide, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Critical incidents and grief and loss. Jani has been published in newspapers and magazines across Canada and Australia.

    Jani has also published a study called ‘Wakening our Warriors’. Jani ran a radio segment weekly to discuss counselling topics that would assist the listener. She also lived in Canada for sixteen years, where, together with her husband, they pastored churches. Jani is a keen musician. She has written and produced several musicals. She is an inspiring worship leader and teaches word of God in a practical way.

    For more information, visit her clinic, Pure Counselling.  and Suicidology Australia

    This book walks you through the power to be free. It magnifies the God who is the ‘God of the heart.’ “With the heart, man believes.” If our heart is in trouble, so is our belief system. I love one meaning of the “fear of the Lord,”  ‘as awe that leads to worship.’ Jani brings the delight of serving a Saviour who brings awe and joy into our souls. I would recommend this book to anyone, especially to a world driven by fear for many years. Time to be free.
    Pastor Eve Bassett, Lead Pastor of Abundant Life Ministries, Edmonton, Canada

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