The Identity Project

    Jessica Harper


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    By Jessica Harper | ISBN 9780648670377

    Identity. Who you are.

    Your identity forms the foundation on which the rest of your life is built. It is the lens through which you process the world around you and the platform from which you interact and respond to others.

    Yet often, without even realising, we allow this critical part of our lives to be shaped and influenced by the voices around us. So often we end up with fragile, broken identities and incomplete pictures of who we truly are, what we are truly capable of and the purpose that each of our lives was designed to fulfill.

    In this inspiring book, author Jessica Harper explains why it’s time to listen to a different voice. It’s time to tune our ears to hear what the one who created us and loves us says about who we are, and allow His words to form the foundation upon which we build out lives. 

    About the Author:
    Jessica Harper has many years experience ministering to youth, young adults and women. She is passionate about seeing all people step into their full potential as sons and daughters of God and seeks to empower others along this journey. Jessica lives in the tropical city of Cairns, Far North Queensland with her husband and two boys.

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