The Heart of Ruth

    Johanna Pascall


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    By Johanna Pascall |ISBN 9780648760726

    When your life is one big dance party, what happens when the music is cut off and the dancing stops? Ruth has everything a girl could ever want: beauty, money, a happy family. And of course, there’s Kane, her super hot boyfriend. Having just finished high school, her future is perfectly planned out. That is, until she receives a phone call that her father and two brothers were killed in a car accident.

    Left with only her mum and sister, it soon comes to light that her father has lost their fortune on a bad investment. When her father’s estranged brother sweeps in with an impossible offer, Ruth must choose between money and her mother.

    Will Ruth decide to turn her back on her mother to continue to live a life of luxury, or will she say goodbye to everything she’s ever known and start a new life? And can this new life lead her to her true purpose and to true love?

    About the author
    Johanna Pascall loves God, her husband, her two teenage daughters, epic romance stories and travelling the world. Based in Sydney, Australia where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree, Johanna is a marketing and communications professional by day and a tragic Jane Austen fan by night.

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