the gardener

    The Gardener

    Shell-sea Ellem

    ISBN 9780645539790

    LIST PRICE: $29.99


    The beginning of beginnings began with a gardener digging in the dirt.

    A simple beginning, but nonetheless, a remarkable one.

    Who would have thought that all the weird and wonderful around you began with a frizzy-haired gardener and an acre plot of warm, damp soil?

    About the author
    Shell-sea Ellem spends her time writing by the sea with strong cups of tea (because inspiration brews well in salty air). When she’s not writing, she’s teaching, surfing, or figuring out how to keep her garden alive on Gai-Mariagal Country (Manly, NSW).

    Joanna Darby is an artist, educator, maker, and dreamer, who believes art can transform individuals and communities, helping us share meaningful stories as well as creating better futures. She works from her home studio on Awabakal Country (Lake Macquarie, NSW) where she lives with her husband and two sons, and is obsessed with her native garden.

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